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Trump Can Eat Poop! Throw that trash!

"It grates on the nerves and cringes the ears, much like the orange man himself. Although--I have been wondering about the cheetoh question." —Richard Stank

heya trash grabbers grab some beer-soaked trash over at our Bandcamp in the form of the new single, Trump Can Eat Poop.

we also smeared some crap on youtube by posting a new lyric video. Tryin' out something new. I think this is our first lyric video.

People everywhere can agree - it sounds worse than ever and the bar is being lowered every minute! Not only that but we're degrading Sp*tify, Ap**e Music, YouT**e Music, and everywhere that music is streamed bought or sold.

BIG shout out and thanks to Brian Foss of KEXP's Sonic Reducer for giving the song its radio debut this past Saturday night as well.

Tubes of Meat Single / Video Release

Courtesy of our friend, Chubby:

Are hot dogs just lips and buttholes? Brody and the Grodies want to know. "Who knows what they put into those tubes of meat?" the garage punk band asks on their latest track.

"Tubes of Meat" is the first track off their next release which will be put out digitally and on compact disc on April 1, 2024. It continues the tradition of sarcastic outsider trash that they previously established with songs such as "Who drank all the beer?" and "A Penis is the Logo." Drawing influence from Feedtime and Flipper, it sports a downright filthy guitar fuzz and primal, repetitive rhythms.

The new release it precedes should be at least fifteen minutes of audio according to the band, but in a recent Bandcamp post, Brody writes, "In April we 'plan' to release a new album but we're too lazy to actually write any songs so we've been rejecting album titles instead." As a result, fans hope that the April 1st release date doesn't mean what it could. In a promising development, this new single provides at least some evidence that the band actually has been working on new music.

New fans site

December 17, 2023

OK OK watch out, hang on, lemme get a swig o' this...

OK there we go. Now listen. We got a fans only special site. It's kinda bare right now but just you wait! I said it! Just wait hold on for just one second I promise it's going to be worth it. Alright? I promise! We're talking about special expanded edition of albums and so on, that only those who are in the special list can get. How do you get in the special list?

🤘 join right here 🤘

I'm drunk I'm a punk and I smell like a skunk

October 23, 2023

Wha's happ'nin' peeples??? Jus' an updateee that Cody, Jody, Toady, and I are writin' and recordin' shiz an' we're gunna be givin' away a whole mini album site with extra art and songs once it comes out! Ya dig? But ya can't get nothin' unless you join to get it, right? So lookee there down below and click the join link...

🤘 join us here 🤘


April 25, 2023

Stupid! Drunk! Slovenly! It's GrodyDemos from Brody and the Grodies! Often with entertaining (dumb) videos! What could be better (worse) than that! We are recording demos right now, and you get to comment or thumbs-up on demos you like and those will most likely show up on the next release. We're thinking it's going to be at least seven songs of pure lowering the bar garbage! Just like we are always proud to deliver! So go check it out now!

BG and A Bottle of Mustard

March 29, 2023

Heya ever'body the buzz around "A Grody & Inconvenient Split!" is gettin' frothy. This month Brody And The Grodies was featured on Record Roulette Club #186 and Look What Kat Dragged in #179. Our cover of Supercharger's "You Put The Hex On Me" spun on Carolyn Keddy's show on KXSF San Francisco a few times! And now we have another announcement...

We did our first interview with a bottle of mustard and it was spicy! We mustard up the courage to tell the gosh durn truth. So go check out Music Shelf with Mustard when you get a chance!

By the way, we still have tapes! Get yours now on our Bandcamp and you get a free pair of X-Ray Gogs along with the digital copy and streaming. Or go for just the digital copy!

Did you drink all the beer?!

March 3, 2023

New release, A Grody & Inconvenient Split! now available on Bandcamp!

Can you see the "bones" of the music you're buying? With this limited first run of "A Grody & Inconvenient Split!" you definitely can, because it's on DIY transparent cassettes made by a friend of The Minor Inconveniences!

But wait! There's more! Maybe you can see through anything...

Right now, for a limited time only, get a pair of X-Ray Gogs with your purchase! Amaze your friends by seeing right through their bullshit!

Only 10 available of this special release package! Head on over to our partner site, Bandcamp and get a copy today!

New tape! New video! Still dumb!

February 24, 2023


Photo of A Grody & Inconvenient Split cassette release

Did YOU drink all the beer !?!? One week from today, the "A Grody and Inconvenient Split Tape!" -- our split with The Minor Inconveniences -- will be available on transparent cassette and digital. It features three songs apiece: two originals and a cover and if you thought we really underperformed the competition on our previous releases well we promise we still lowered the bar on this one!

Find out more here.

This past week, "Who Drank All The Beer?" premiered on Nick Wang's fittingly beer-themed radio show "The Extra Ounce" on KXSF in San Francisco. If you missed it, head over to his site where you can hear the replay!


By the way, we still have a hilarious music video with a surprise ending for "Who Drank All The Beer" on YouTube now!


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