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Did you drink all the beer!?!?

Our new split tape, A Grody & Inconvenient Split Tape! is now available on Bandcamp for digital download and in handmade transparent cassettes with a pair of X-ray specs!! Get yours while you have a chance!

That's right ladies and gentlecreeps ... time to chug a beer for rock and roll and lower the bar even further! What happens when yer favorite (un)lovable ne'er-do-well's team up with the hilarious side-splitting act known as The Minor Inconveniences? (Whose past songs include such great classics as "Beef Wellington is a fucking scam" and "Nice turn signal, jackass".)

I'll tell you what happens: you get a release so fuzzed out, so trashy, and so soaked in alcohol that you just have to get drunk and turn it up loud to make it sound alrite!

  — Barry N. Ebriated


  • Artists: The Minor Inconveniences / Brody And The Grodies
  • Title: A Grody & Inconvenient Split Tape
  • Release date: March 3
  • Available on: Bandcamp
  • Track list:
    Minor Inconveniences side:
    1. Egg Hunt for Egg Punks 2. Edges 3. It's An Action (Poison Idea)

    Brody And The Grodies side: 4. Who Drank All The Beer? 5. Grodies Theme 6. You Put The Hex On Me (Supercharger)